DBX's CWDM Channel Scan OCS-18 is the best in class handheld CWDM Channel Scan solution. The CWDM Channel Scan OCS-18 is a turn-key, craft friendly CWDM tester. One button operation makes the OCS-18 simple to use every time, no training required. The OCS-18 scans and displays all 18 channels in 2 seconds. The OCS-18 rapid fire results are made possible with advanced planar waveguide technology. Planar waveguide technology also means no moving parts making the OCS-18 an extremely reliable field unit. Above all, the CWDM channel Scan OCS-18 is the most cost effective solution on the market today.    

DBX's CWDM Channel Scan OCS-18 is the industry's best solution for testing mission critical CWDM systems. The OCS-18 is equipped with Instant On and is ready to test immediately from a cold start.  The DBX CWDM Channel Scan OCS-18 field tester is ideal for testing and verifying CWDM channels in fiber deep networks. This lightning fast state of art unit positively confirms the optical power of all channels providing critical troubleshooting insight.   The OCS-18 makes CWDM wavelength verification simple. It is the smart choice for testing today's wavelength rich HD Networks.
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  • SFP Health Check Plus CWDM
    • Scans all 18 Channels in 2 seconds
    • Confirms location of your customer critical CWDM wavelengths
    • All in one Craft friendly CWDM tester
    • Accurately measures power of each channel
    • Quickly Determine channel count and presence of all active channels
    • Troubleshoot Channel issues instantly determine correct channel is present
    • High Reliable Planar Technology - No Switching, No moving parts
    • Telcordia tested and compliant
    • Single button test, no set up
    • Instant On, no waiting
    • Data Storage: 300 Save and Recall

    • CWDM, Cell Backhaul, FTTP, CATV, 5G Distributive Networks

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