DBX's OCS-48 DWDM Optical Channel Scan is the industry's best solution for testing mission critical DWDM systems.  The OCS-48 PLC planar waveguide circuit rapidly scans the DWDM  system and displays all channels in 3 seconds.  This lightning fast state of art unit positively confirms the optical power of all channels providing critical troubleshooting insight.  The OCS-48 is simple to operate with one button operation and is lightweight.  The craft friendly OCS-48 is equipped with Instant On and is ready to test immediately from a cold start making it a clear choice for field wavelength verification.  The DBX OCS-48 is ideal for testing, troubleshooting and verifying ROADm and DWDM optical systems.  The DBX OCS-48 is an excellent alternative to expensive and complex OSA's for field wavelength testing.  The OCS-48 makes DWDM wavelength verification affordable and is a smart choice for testing today's wavelength rich HD Networks.

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OCS-48 Multiple Display Options with a touch a button

  • Scans all 48 Channels in 3 seconds
  • Accurately measures power of each channel
  • Quickly Determine channel count
  • Displays Active or All Channels to quickly access DWDM/OADM
  • High Reliable Planar Technology - No Switching, No moving parts
  • Telcorida GR-198 CORE Compliant for field environmental testing
  • Single button test, no set up
  • Instant On - No boot-Up wait time…
  • Data Storage: 300 Save and Recall’s

  • DWDM, OADM, Distributive Networks, Locates DWDM system wavelengths

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