The Micro EDFA 2-IO (Two EDFA's in One Package) offered by DBX is the smallest in the industry (55mm x 35mm x 12mm). The Micro EDFA 2-IO is two independently controlled and monitored EDFA's in the same package. It is designed for single wavelength applications in particular DWDM and OADM HD Networks. The Micro EDFA 2-IO is 90% smaller than our nearest competitor as a result engineers have more design options. Powered by two uncooled 980nm pump lasers it has extremely low power consumption over the entire temperature range. Another key point is that it does not require any external cooling or additional heat sink. This single channel Micro EDFA can operate 2 separate channels simultaneously and is above all a very cost effective solution.

Micro EDFA 2-IO is TWO Fully Functional Optical Amplifiers

The Micro EDFA 2-IO is two turn key OA's equipped with independent control circuitry, Automatic Power Control (APC) and Forced Laser Shutdown. In fact, it produces an amazing high powered output of up to 17 dBM per EDFA. Embedded PD's pre and post pump laser allow for accurate power delivery for both independent devices. The state of the art device can also be equipped with a Variable Optical Attenuator (VOA). To be sure, the power output can be adjusted from 0 dBm to + 17 dBm. The VOA can be coupled with an Optical Tunable Filter (OTF). In short, the Micro EDFA 2-IO is the best dual micro EDFA solution on the market.

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Other Micro EDFA options:
  • Micro EDFA Gain Block
  • Micro EDFA plus
    • 2 EDFA's in One Package
    • Ultra Compact Size: 55 x 35 x12 mm
    • 2 Full Fuction EDFA Independently controlled
    • Automatic Wavelength Locking
    • Separate High Output Power up to 17 dBm for each EDFA
    • Auto Power Control (APC) or Auto Gain Control (AGC)
    • Control & Monitoring by RS232
    • Optional Variable Optical Attenuator (VOA & OTF)
    • 980 nm Uncooled Pump
    • Embedded PD’s pre and post pump
    • Fully tested Telcordia GR-1312

    • HD Networks Single Channel DWDM System Design
    • Coherent 100G ROADM Networks
    • Smallest Form Factor Micro EDFA
    • Covers 2 channels in One Device
    • Less Fiber Handled, All Er Doped Fiber contained in sealed package
    • Telcordia Tested and Compliant
    • High Volume Production and OEM Certified Facility

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