DBX's MPO Test Set MPS-12 Power Meter is a low cost handheld MPO tester.  The MPS-12 MPO Power Meter simplifies multi-fiber cable testing.  In fact, built with an MPO interface that quickly measures the optical power of an MPO cable.  To emphasize, the results of all 12 fibers are verified in less than a second.  The MPS-12 rapid fire results are made possible with advanced planar waveguide technology. Additionally, Planar waveguide technology also means no moving parts making the MPS-12 an extremely reliable field unit. The MPS-12 is above all the most cost effective solution for today's mission critical MPO and MTP Network testing requirements.

The MPS-12 is the industry's best option for field testing MPO multifiber cables and connectors. The MPO Test Set MPS-12 is a turn-key all in one unit, craft friendly and lightweight tester. Furthermore, No setup necessary just quick accurate power measurements. The MPO Test Set MPS-12 Power Meter quickly verifies all 12 Fibers and displays results on a crystal clear color screen. Compatible with MTP and MPO connectors Singlemode or Multimode MPO power meter testing options. MPO Test Set makes direct MPO/MTP measurements are made without the need of expensive and complicated MPO fanout cables. In addition, a direct power reading can be made with results displayed in dBm. In short, the MPO Test Set MPS-12 Power Meter is quickest Best-In-Class MPO/MTP testing solution.

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Other MPO Test Solution options:
  • MPO Power Meter
  • MPO Light Source
  • MPO Cleaning Kit
    • MPS-12S quickly measures MPO & MTP cables
    • Verifies power of all 12F at once
    • Dramatically saves CapEx & OpEx
    • Displays all 12F results on a large color screen
    • Immediate results in 0.8sec.
    • Measure Direct power dBm or Loss dB.
    • Craft Friendly, Quick and Lightweight
    • Singlemode and Multimode
    • No Fanout Required, Simplified Process
    • High durability Planar Technology - No Switching, No moving parts

    • Direct MPO & MTP 12F & 24F direct power measurements
    • Power Loss Measurements when paired with MLS-12S
    • 40G 8F Fiber mapping

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