The Micro EDFA XFP offered by DBX is an EDFA in a XFP optical transceiver package. The field pluggable XOA is fully compatible with any XFP port. The Micro EDFA XFP is ideal for fiber deep architectures starved for power. Chiefly CATV expansions, remote natural gas stations not to mention rural wireless towers. It is designed for single wavelength applications in particular HD Networks. The Micro EDFA XFP is powered by a single uncooled 980nm pump laser. For this reason, it has extremely low power consumption over the entire temperature range. Another key point is that the pluggable XFP keeps cool. It does not require any external cooling or additional heat sink.

Micro EDFA XFP is a Fully Functioning Optical Amplifier

The Micro EDFA XFP is a turn key OA equipped with control circuitry, Automatic Power Control (APC) and Forced Laser Shutdown. In fact, it produces an amazing high powered output of up to 17 dBM. Embedded PD's pre and post pump laser allow for accurate power delivery. It is important to realize, the power output can be adjusted from 0 dBm to + 17 dBm and is fixed with a feedback loop.  Another key point, is the field pluggable XOA can add 20 kM of additional distance by simply plugging into a spare XFP port. In the event additional distance is required, the pluggable XOA can be coupled with an SFP+ or XFP to travel up to 120 kM. In summary, the Micro EDFA XFP is the best low cost solution to extend fiber optic signals to remote locations.

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Other Micro EDFA options:
  • Micro EDFA Gain Block
  • Micro EDFA - Two EDFA's in One Package
    • XFP Pluggable EDFA Optical Amplifier
    • Discoverable to Network Elements
    • High Output Power up to 17 dBm
    • Auto Power Control (APC)
    • MCU control and I2C Interface
    • Low Cost EDFA Solution
    • Embedded PD’s pre and post pump
    • Fully tested Telcordia GR-1312

    • Low Cost Power Deployments, no need for expensive full EDFA rack solutions
    • Fiber Deep Networks
    • Low Cost Rural Fiber Optic Network Deployment
    • Remote Natural Gas Pipeline Operations
    • Tactical Military Communications
    • Wireless Backhaul and Remote Cell Tower Fiber Feeds

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