FW2170 Fiberwash NF Nonflammable Fiber Optic Precision Cleaning Pen

NF Chemtronics Precision Cleaner Pen 

Features: FOCCUS™ Fiberwash™ NF Precision Fiber Optic Cleaning Pen contains a nonflammable solvent cleaner that quickly and safely cleans the end face of fiber optic connectors, splices and ribbons. It also dissipates static charge, which prevents attracting airborne contamination that cling to the end face surface. The cleaning formulation has fast evaporation and low odor, is plastic safe, residue free, and low VOC. This non-pressurized container can be easily and safely transported. For best results, use with the QbE® Cleaning Platform or CCT™ Clean Connect Tool, with the Combination Cleaning™ process.

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  • Nonflammable Solvent Cleaner
  • Fast Evaporation
  • Residue Free, Low VOC, Low Global Warming Potential
  • Key to Combination Cleaning

  • Precision  Fiber Optic Network connectors and adapters end face cleaning
  • Cell Towers
  • Central Offices
  • MSC's
  • MSO
  • FTTP
  • 5G Small Cell

Part #: FW2150: 9g/0.32 oz pen

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