RFoG: Transceiver Optical Node: R-ONU Series

The LiComm Transceiver Optic-Node, R-ONU series are designed for upstream path transmission of burst mode optical signal. CMTS analog signals are fed into the input of the R-ONU series and converted into optical signal and transmitted to HFC/ CATV networks.   Additionally, the micro-Node's ability to operate over a wide optical input range allows for a variety of system designs without degrading performance.  The wide bandwidth supports the delivery of up to 77 CATV analog signals or a combination of analog and digital channels, including HDTV broadcast. The R-ONU series exhibits excellent distortion performance with values above standards over the entire bandwidth and temperature specifications.

The R-ONU series are flexibility to grow your network to meet customer demand now and coming future.

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  • PON compatible
  • Extended spectrum RF video
  • Universal HFC set top box and head-end support
  • Transparent return path capability
  • Optical loss AGC with 0 ~ -6dBm (optional +2 ~ -8dBm)
  • Support most in-home applications without amplifiers
  • Multiple set-top box support
  • In-home power over 75ohm coaxial cabling
  • Burst-mode Laser Operation
  • Optional for MDU with 38dBmV/ch available
  • Optional for ORS-1061-B1 with 49dBmV/ch available

  • Receiver module for CATV network in HFC and RFoG nodes
  • Video overlay in passive optical networks (PON)

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