Precision Fiber Optic Cleaning: CCT-MPOKIT

WiBuy Features:
  • Superior MPO & MTP Connector Precision End-Face Cleaning
  • Best First Pass Results, Reduced operator frustration
  • Universal Design OM3/SM, UPC & APC
  • Industry Largest Cleaning Surface
  • Most Robust Click Mechanism on the market to ensure long term reliability
  • Oversized Fabric Spool for reduced time between replacement, 550+ per unit
  • Advance Lint Free Fabric Material for superior cleaning
  • Oversized Registration Holes to eliminate damage to MPO/MTP Pins during cleaning
  • Certified with MX Rapid Evaporation Solvent for superior Combination Cleaning
  • Magnetic Back & Wrist Strap for convenient Cell Tower to Patch Panel Maintenance
  • Exceeds IEC-61300-3-35 & TR62627-1
  • Telcordia GR-2923-CORE Recommendation
  • Exceeds SAE Aerospace AIR6031