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About DBX

Since 1995, DBX has supplied Tier 1 fiber optic products. DBX provides Broadband Service Providers and OEM’s valuable solutions to many fiber optic challenges. Trusted answers, one relationship at a time. DBX supplies CommScope Connectivity Products, Micro-EDFA’s, Chemtronics Cleaning Solutions, FITEL Fusion Splicers, Optical Transceivers, CWDM, DWDM, MPO/MTP and SFP Low Cost Testing solutions and much more.

DBX has trained over 5,000 workforce Professionals

Over the past 20 years DBX has trained over 5,000 workforce professionals on many aspects of Fiber Optic Technology. DBX has provided many solutions to important network transformation programs such as Verizon Fios FTTP, CWDM, DWDM & ROADm Wavelength Deployments, Ethernet 1G to 100G, T1 to 1G wireless backhaul, CPRI LTE Distributive Networks and more.

Please contact DBX for more details at sales@dbxdirect.com

Featured Testing Solution:

  • CWDM Channel Scan OCS-18

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