CommScope: NG4access Optical Distribution Frame (ODF) Platform

WiBuy Features:
  • Up to 3,456 Fibers per Frame
  • Footprint: 30" W x 24" D
  • On Frame Jumper Slack Storage
  • GR-449-CORE Issue 3 Compliant
  • 1.2mm Diameter Patchcords
  • Cabled Modules
  • MPO Modules
  • On board Splicing
  • Front and Rear Access

CommScope: Rapid Fiber Panel Series

WiBuy Features:
  • RapidReel Cable Spool reduces upfront deployment costs
  • Simplifies site Survey inspections
  • Reduces Installation labor
  • Craft friendly front facing interface
  • Reduces stocking requirements
  • 144F 9" height saves critical equipment rack space

CommScope: FiberGuide Optical Raceway Solutions

WiBuy Features:
  • Speed of Installation and Design
  • Snap-Fit junctions allows for fast tool-less assembly
  • FiberGuide grows with you 38 support structures & over 75 fittings
  • Bend Radius Protection built in
  • Add Network Capacity Faster
  • FiberGuide helps lowers OpEx
  • Placing FiberGuide allows more airflow helps lower cooling costs

CommScope: Indoor & Outdoor Wall Box Solutions

WiBuy Features:
  • Rapid spools speeds Installation and Design
  • Reduced Bend radius Fiber eliminates attenuation caused by macro bends
  • Unique swing frame designs
  • Withstand harsh outdoor environments

CommScope: FOSC 600 Fiber Optic Splice Closures

WiBuy Features:
  • Simple to Access Quick Latching System for EZ Re-Entering
  • Splice Tray Tower for Excellent Splice Organization simplifying fiber splice change orders
  • Turn-Key Splice Closure with all components included in Closure Kit
  • Watertight for Aerial, Pedestal and Underground (up to 5 meters) Harsh Outdoor Environments
  • Up to 16 separate cable ports
  • Accepts up to 1728 fibers and cables up to 35 mm in diameter
  • Field Configurable for Single Ended (Butt) or In-Line Fiber Optic Splicing

FITEL: NINJA FTTP Hand-Held Fusion Splicer

WiBuy Features:
  • State of Art Single Fiber Clad Alignment Fusion Splicer
  • Hand-Held, Lightweight Low Profile Design
  • Low Cost
  • Removable V-Groove for easy maintenance
  • 13s Splice Time, 17s Heat Time
  • Powerful High Propulsion motor (8N) for outdoor drops
  • Shock, Drop, Water, Wind and Dust Resistant
  • Large Capacity Battery for 100 Splice and Heat Cycles
  • LED’s Illumining Splice Area

FITEL: S124M Rollable Ribbon Fusion Splicer

WiBuy Features:
  • Industry Best, State of Art Single 12F Ribbon Fusion Splicer
  • Hand-Held, Lightweight Low Profile Design
  • Low Cost
  • High Speed 15s Splice Time, 28s Heat Time
  • Interchangeable V-Groove for 200um & 250um pitch fiber splicing
  • Easy Maintenance - Tool less Electrode/mirror system
  • Well Lite Splice area with 3 LED's
  • Up & Down Fiber Clamp allows automatic re-positioning
  • Auto-Start Shrink Sleeve Heater Feature
  • EZ operation with Touch Screen and Craft Friendly GUI
  • Bright Viewing Area - 3 LED’s Illumining
  • WiFi Control and Data Transfer

VeEX: RXT-1200 Modular Test Platform

WiBuy Features:
  • Field Swappable Modular Platform Design - RXT Platform
  • Modern test platform, with a broad range of available test modules covering Access (copper and fiber), Metro, Transport and Core technologies, including DWDM
  • Application-oriented GUI
  • GUI familiarity across different test modules and other VeEX products reduces the learning curve
  • View test results and create detailed reports by region, area, system, and technician, using R-Server centralized management
  • Enables all jobs to be completed correctly the first time
  • Multi-technology: Datacom, Fiber Optics, WDM, DSn/PDH, SONET/SDH, OTN, Ethernet, Fibre Channel, CPRI/OBSAI; from 64k to 400Gbps
  • Expand test functions with a growing list of test modules
  • Future-proof cost-effective platform
  • Test set connectivity via Ethernet Management interface, WiFi, Bluetooth®, for back office applications, workflow optimization and remote access
  • User defined test profiles and Pass/Fail thresholds
  • Fast and efficient test result transfer to USB memory stick, PC or tablets
  • EZ-Remote™ for remote testing/monitoring, assistance and training across Internet connections
  • VeExpress™ for license management and software updates
  • Ultra-high capacity field-exchangeable Li-ion battery pack extends testing time

VeEX: FX87 Handheld DWDM Tunable Laser Source

WiBuy Features:
  • Low Cost, Hand Held Tunable DWDM Laser Source
    • Fast Boot-up time and laser stabilization (< 5 seconds)
    • Full C-Band tuning (> 80 channels @ 50 GHz spacing)
    • Broadband Optical Power Meter (OPM)
    • Monochrome LCM, 128 x 64 pixels, LED backlight display
    • Li-Polymer rechargeable battery, > 8 hours operation
    • Up to 1920 single wavelength records
    • Non-volatile storage for > 900 measurements
    • USB (wired) or optional Bluetooth (wireless) interface for test result transfer
    • PC software for OPM data transfer and report generation
    • Upload of stored results to VeEX R-Server workforce management system or Fiberizer® Cloud via LT-Sync PC software
    • Rugged, polycarbonate case with impact resistant rubber boot, 1 meter drop tested
    • Splash and dust resistant keypad

VeEX: MTX150x 10G Ethernet Handheld Test Set

WiBuy Features:  
    • Dual-port testing capabilities
    • Throughput, BERT, IPv4/IPv6, Loopbacks, NetWiz, Ping, trace route, Scan, L2CP Transparency, Errors, Alarms, Events, Delay, Test Profile Auto Scripting/Sequencer
    • RFC2544 Throughput, latency, frame loss and back to back tests
    • V-SAM test suite compliant with ITU-T Y.1564 standard
    • Q-in-Q (VLAN stacking), MPLS, MPLS-TP, PBB, and PPPoE support
    • 8 Streams, 3 VLAN, 3 MPLS, TCP/UDP
    • Layer 4+ test suite: V-TEST (speed test), V-FTP, RFC6349 V-PERF upload & download tests
    • Dual-port Storage Area Networks (SAN) testing
    • Throughput, BERT, Loopback, SDT, Errors, Alarms, Events, Delay
    • R-Server Cloud Based software compatible for result storage, asset tracking and upgrades

VeEX: R-Server VeSion Cloud Based Software

WiBuy Features:
  • Provides a complete view of your field test equipment assets and field technicians. Quickly determine problem areas and assure compliance to methods and procedures
  • Supports: Fiber Optics, RF, CaTV, Transport, Ethernet, DSL test results and key performance indicators (KPI)
  • Tamper-proof operation: Lock profiles, registration, date, and time on test sets
    • Consistent test environment: Assures all test sets are running approved software versions
    • Org Charts: Distribute and manage assets by regions, districts or groups, with multiple levels of visibility
  • Theft-deterrent function can activate “time bomb” to disable misplaced assets (test sets)
  • Features a dynamic dashboard that allows users to easily see the results of thousands of tests in graphical format
  • Easily change and move widgets on the dashboard to see important information at a glance
    • See PASS/FAIL rates and test set usage at a glance
  • Monitor and manage all your VeEX test set fleet from a central location.
  • Create profiles and organizations from a central location and spread them to technicians in the field
  • Seamless integration with job ticketing and work order management systems