FITEL: NINJA FTTP Hand-Held Fusion Splicer

WiBuy Features:
  • State of Art Single Fiber Clad Alignment Fusion Splicer
  • Hand-Held, Lightweight Low Profile Design
  • Low Cost
  • Removable V-Groove for easy maintenance
  • 13s Splice Time, 17s Heat Time
  • Powerful High Propulsion motor (8N) for outdoor drops
  • Shock, Drop, Water, Wind and Dust Resistant
  • Large Capacity Battery for 100 Splice and Heat Cycles
  • LED’s Illumining Splice Area

FITEL: S124M Rollable Ribbon Fusion Splicer

WiBuy Features:
  • Industry Best, State of Art Single 12F Ribbon Fusion Splicer
  • Hand-Held, Lightweight Low Profile Design
  • Low Cost
  • High Speed 15s Splice Time, 28s Heat Time
  • Interchangeable V-Groove for 200um & 250um pitch fiber splicing
  • Easy Maintenance - Tool less Electrode/mirror system
  • Well Lite Splice area with 3 LED's
  • Up & Down Fiber Clamp allows automatic re-positioning
  • Auto-Start Shrink Sleeve Heater Feature
  • EZ operation with Touch Screen and Craft Friendly GUI
  • Bright Viewing Area - 3 LED’s Illumining
  • WiFi Control and Data Transfer

FITEL: EZ!Fuse Splice-On-Connector System

WiBuy Features:
  • Connector Types: Factory Polished SC UPC & SC APC
  • Cable Types: 250um, 900um, 2.0, 3.0 mm
  • Telcordia Compliant GR-326
  • Best First Pass Design
  • Simple, Fast & Long Term Reliable Field Terminations

VeEX: FX150+ OTDR with V-Scout Linkmap

WiBuy Features:
  • Auto mode - Setup, events detection, and trace diagnostics
  • V-Scout Linkmap – Multi Pulse Width, very accurate trace mapping
  • Supports up to 4 wavelengths including Quad MM/SM
    • MM: 850, 1300 nm
    • SM: 1310, 1490, 1550, 1625 and 1650 nm
  • Dynamic range up to 45 dB
    • Testing long Point-Point fiber links up to 180 km (110 miles)
    • Testing single or cascaded PON up to 1:128 splitter ratios
  • Optimized dead zones (DZ) for FTTx/PON applications
    • Event 0.8 m, Attenuation 2.5 m typical
    • PON ≤20m (≤13 dB loss, ≤100ns PW, non-reflective splitter)
  • Filtered OTDR port for in-service testing at 1625 or 1650 nm
  • Live fiber detection with embedded power meter
  • Telcordia SR-4731.sor file format
  • Generate and save results in sor, png or pdf formats
  • Markers for distance, attenuation, reflectance and splice loss measurements
  • Fixed or Universal interface option with interchangeable optical adapters (SC, ST, FC) for OTDR port
  • Power meter, light source, fiber inspection probe, and VFL
  • Remote measurement using, EZ Remote, VNC or built-in web based software

VeEX: FX81 Handheld 10G PON Optical Power Meter FTTP

WiBuy Features:
  • Compatible with both GPON and EPON fiber networks
    • G-PON and XG(S)-PON test applications
    • EPON and 10G-EPON test applications
  • ONU and OLT test ports with filtered, pass-through design
  • Concurrent measurement/display of Upstream and Downstream signals
  • High speed digital design to measure 1270/1310 nm upstream burst signals accurately
  • 1490/1550/1577 nm Downstream signal support
  • WaveID support when paired with compatible VeEX source
  • Fixed SC/APC Interface for ONU and OLT test ports
  • Programmable thresholds with Pass/Fail indication
  • Optional broadband power meter with universal adapters
  • Non-volatile storage for 960 xPON measurements or 1920 OPM/ORL measurements
  • Transfer of stored results to a Windows PC via micro USB cable or optional Bluetooth
  • Flexible data transfer, test result management and report generation options using:
    • LT-Sync PC software (USB or Bluetooth)
    • Fiberizer® Mobile OLTS software (USB or Bluetooth)
    • R-Server workforce management system
    • Fiberizer® Desktop Plus or Fiberizer® Cloud
  • High contrast LCD - visible outdoors, programmable backlight for indoor or low light conditions
  • Splash and dust resistant keypad and chassis design

VeEX: R-Server VeSion Cloud Based Software

WiBuy Features:
  • Provides a complete view of your field test equipment assets and field technicians. Quickly determine problem areas and assure compliance to methods and procedures
  • Supports: Fiber Optics, RF, CaTV, Transport, Ethernet, DSL test results and key performance indicators (KPI)
  • Tamper-proof operation: Lock profiles, registration, date, and time on test sets
    • Consistent test environment: Assures all test sets are running approved software versions
    • Org Charts: Distribute and manage assets by regions, districts or groups, with multiple levels of visibility
  • Theft-deterrent function can activate “time bomb” to disable misplaced assets (test sets)
  • Features a dynamic dashboard that allows users to easily see the results of thousands of tests in graphical format
  • Easily change and move widgets on the dashboard to see important information at a glance
    • See PASS/FAIL rates and test set usage at a glance
  • Monitor and manage all your VeEX test set fleet from a central location.
  • Create profiles and organizations from a central location and spread them to technicians in the field
  • Seamless integration with job ticketing and work order management systems