CommScope’s The Rapid Fiber panel is an important innovation in the fiber optic panel market. Serving as a key distribution point between the electronic equipment and the main optical distribution frame, the Rapid Fiber panel offers service providers unmatched savings in installation time, labor costs and performance.  The Rapid Fiber panel's combination of microcable, RapidReel spooling and connector technology in a single panel not only relieves cable congestion but also simplifies the ordering and inventory of equipment. The panel also features CommScope's industry-leading cable management—providing bend radius protection, intuitive cable routing paths and excellent physical protection for optimal network performance.

  • RapidReel Cable Spool reduces upfront deployment costs
  • Simplifies site Survey inspections
  • Reduces Installation labor
  • Craft friendly front facing interface
  • Reduces stocking requirements
  • 144F 9" height saves critical equipment rack space

  • Fiber Optic Interconnections CO & MSC

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