The FITEL S124M12 is our most adaptable ribbon fusion splicer fit for any application. This splicer does it all: Both 250 μm and 200 μm pitch ribbon fiber.   The S124M is specifically designed for OFS Rollable Ribbon and Bend Insensitive ribbon fiber. S124M low profile and craft friendly footprint simplifies ribbon splicing.   The FITEL S124M produces extremely accurate and consistently low IL results across all 12 fibers.   Ease of use, crystal clear touch screen, portability and field durability have been combined together to make the S124M Fusion Splicer one of the most powerful and user-friendly fusion splicing machines available today.

  • Industry Best, State of Art Single 12F Ribbon Fusion Splicer
  • Hand-Held, Lightweight Low Profile Design
  • Low Cost
  • High Speed 15s Splice Time, 28s Heat Time
  • Interchangeable V-Groove for 200um & 250um pitch fiber splicing
  • Easy Maintenance - Tool less Electrode/mirror system
  • Well Lite Splice area with 3 LED's
  • Up & Down Fiber Clamp allows automatic re-positioning
  • Auto-Start Shrink Sleeve Heater Feature
  • EZ operation with Touch Screen and Craft Friendly GUI
  • Bright Viewing Area - 3 LED’s Illumining
  • WiFi Control and Data Transfer

    • Advanced Telecom Networks
    • Rollable Ribbon Certified splicer
    • Fiber Types: G.652, G.657, G.651, G.653, G.655
    • Fiber Count: 1,2,4,6,8,12 with holder

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