The FITEL NINJA Hand-Held single fiber fusion splicer is an excellent choice for FTTX & Splice on Connector applications. The FITEL NINJA offers fast and consistent splicing in a lightweight - low capex package.  The FITEL NINJA  has detachable V-grooves for easy maintenance,  a powerful high propulsion motor (8N)  to ensure stable splicing of rigid outdoor drop cables and it withstands  shock, wind, water & dust.  The large splicing chamber makes loading fiber easy for such a small unit, the fiber holders make fixed V-groove splicing more accurate and the 4 LEDs  guarantee a very bright splice area.  The NINJA is excellent choice for low cost accurate & consistent splicing.

  • State of Art Single Fiber Clad Alignment Fusion Splicer
  • Hand-Held, Lightweight Low Profile Design
  • Low Cost
  • Removable V-Groove for easy maintenance
  • 13s Splice Time, 17s Heat Time
  • Powerful High Propulsion motor (8N) for outdoor drops
  • Shock, Drop, Water, Wind and Dust Resistant
  • Large Capacity Battery for 100 Splice and Heat Cycles
  • LED’s Illumining Splice Area

  • Wireless Backhaul
  • Enterprise
  • Splice on Connectors
  • Optical Add Drop Multiplexing
  • Data Centers
  • CATV and IPTV networks

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