The FITEL S179 Core Alignment is a State of the Art, Extremely Accurate Splicer, Simple to Use, Quick 6s Splice Time & Amazing 9s Protection Sleeve Heating Cycle, Detailed Core 400X Magnification, Responsive Touch Screen Operation, Extremely Bright Splicing Area Lite by 4 LED's. Ideal splicer for all fiber types and a must for mismatched fiber cores and dissimilar fibers, Detachable V-groove for easy maintenance, Rugged field design to withstand drops, wind, water, dust & the testing to prove it!  Powerful High Propulsion motor (8N) helps ensure stable splicing of rigid outdoor drop cables. The best core alignment fusion splicer on the market today. Please contact DBX at

  • State of Art CORE Alignment Fusion Splicer
  • Low Profile Design, Ease of Use
  • 6s Splice Time & 9s Splice Protection Heat Time
  • Shock, Drop, Water, Wind and Dust Resistant
  • 4.3” Color Touch Screen
  • 4 Bright LED’s Illumining Splice Area
  • Smart Phone Compatible
  • Large Capacity Battery for 200 Splice/Heat Cycles
  • Bright Splicing Area 4 LED's

  • Advanced Telecom Networks
  • Mission Critical Contractor 24/7 Services
  • Advanced Stage Mis-Matched Fiber Cores
  • Optical Add Drop Multiplexing
  • Data Centers
  • CATV and IPTV networks
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