The S326 lightweight and craft friendly design offers the operator the versatility to cleave on a workbench or in the palm of their hand.  The reduced lid size and wide opening angle facilities fiber loading and improves stability resulting in better single and ribbon fiber cleaves.  Just pressing completes the fiber cleave and automatically collects the waste in a large capacity fiber bin.  The 24-position, long life blade achieves 48,000 cleaves.  The S326 lightweight design and long lasting blades makes it the industries best option for precision optical fiber. Please contact DBX at

  • State of Art Single Single & Ribbon Precision Cleaver
  • Hand-Held, Lightweight Low Profile Design
  • Low Cost
  • Simplified Fiber Loading
  • 24 Position Cleaver - 48,000 Cleaves
  • Proven & Durable design
  • Cleave lengths: 5 to 20 mm Single, 10 mm Ribbon
  • All Fiber Types

Telco • LAN • Wireless Backhaul • Enterprise • Splice on Connectors • Data Centers

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