ORE: XFP Micro-EDFA Optical Reach Extender 120 kM Chassis 

The LiComm ORE series is an micro-EDFA optical reach extender with XOA for the long haul point-to-point transmission up to 120km without requiring extra systems or nodes.  This contains an MCU, four optic cards, hot-swappable PSUs and a pluggable fan unit. The optic card has three cages for XOA, XFP and SFP+ and the different configurations are possible according to application. The ORE series have Ethernet and console ports for a remote/local monitor with Telnet, SNMP and RS232. The XOA is the worlds first XFP pluggable EDFA.  The XOA is a full-functioning EDFA with control circuity packaged inside.  Its source is a 980nm uncooled pump laser and Erbium doped fiber spooled inside the small XFP housing. The XOA can be output power can be programmed up to 17 dBm.

 This chassis enables the deployment of the XOA XFP EDFA when a stare XFP port is unavailable.   This chassis is a low cost alternative to extend fiber optic signals to remote locations.

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  • Pluggable type EDFA (XOA) and transceiver support
  • Discoverable to Network Elements
  • High Output Power up to 17 dBm
  • Maximum 12 port XOA support
  • Optical wavelength converter using O/E/O D-loopback
  • Low Cost EDFA Solution
  • Data Rate support 10Gbps
  • Power supply support load balancing
  • Hot swappable managed/monitored each fan on cooling unit
  • LLCF support

  • Low Cost Power Deployments,  no need for expensive full EDFA rack solutions
  • Fiber Deep Networks
  • Low Cost Rural Fiber Optic Network Deployment
  • Remote Natural Gas Pipeline Operations
  • Tactical Military Communications
  • Wireless Backhaul and Remote Cell Tower Fiber Feeds

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