The field pluggable QSFP-EDFA is an excellent solution for rapid and inexpensive power addition. Compatible with conventional QSFP optical ports in pin out and mechanical, the QOA is an excellent option.

The QOA is a full-function EDFA module with packaged process control circuitry. The QOA is designed for C-Band optical amplification in single and multi-wavelength applications. The QOA has standard output power of 17 dBM, and it is field adjustable from 0 dBm to + 17 dBm with a built in feedback loop. In addition, embedded photo diodes pre and post-pump laser allow for reliable and accurate power delivery. The QOA is tested and certified to the latest industry standard Telcordia specifications.

When low cost and immediate power is needed the QOA is an excellent choice.  The QOA is ideal for fiber deep architectures starved for power.  Data center networks, CATV expansions, remote networks and many more applications. It is designed for todays high speed HD Networks.

  • Conventional QSFP compatible size and pin map
  • Cost efficiency with pluggable type
  • Power Boosting and Pre-Amp for DWDM systems
  • Output Power 17 dBm
  • Embedded PD pre and post pump laser- accurate power delivery
  • EDFA module including micro process control circuit
  • Uncooled 980 nm pump laser module
  • Extremely low heat generation
  • Selectable Output Power
  • APC (Automatic Power Control; Default) or AGC(Automatic Gain Control; Optional)
  • FLS (Forced Laser Shutdown)
  • Control & monitoring by I2C
  • LVTTL Alarm
  • Single + 3.3 V power supply

  • Low Cost Power Deployments, no need for expensive full EDFA rack solutions
  • Fiber Deep Networks
  • Low Cost Rural Fiber Optic Network Deployment
  • Remote Natural Gas Pipeline Operations
  • Tactical Military Communications
  • Wireless Backhaul and Remote Cell Tower Fiber Feeds
  • High Speed Edge Data Centers

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