Cloud-Based Workflow and Asset Management

Part of VeEX’s VeSion® centralized monitoring and management solutions, the R-Server Workflow and Asset Management system provides crucial tools to manage fleets of technicians, test equipment, standardized test profiles, thresholds, centralized test results collection, reporting, jobs/ticketing, and software update delivery to create coordinated and efficient disciplined workforce and test procedures. R-Server enhances the workflow to achieve the level of quality and repeatability required by telecommunications service providers, MSOs and their contractors. The flexible R-Server can be deployed in cloud, hosted, and corporate networks, on physical or virtualized servers.

R-Server prioritizes organization, navigation, and speed as key characteristics. This provides administrators with a detailed overview of all regions in seconds and allows managers to focus on their own regions, districts, and/or systems.

For technicians, it provides a central system to upload results and download profiles. Supervisors can upload test parameters and compile it into a profile. Technicians can download this profile with all parameters preset for a quick and error-free testing experience. Once the test is carried out, the technician can upload the result to R-Server, which stores and protects the data. No need to worry about losing test results ever again.

  • Provides a complete view of your field test equipment assets and field technicians. Quickly determine problem areas and assure compliance to methods and procedures
  • Supports: Fiber Optics, RF, CaTV, Transport, Ethernet, DSL test results and key performance indicators (KPI)
  • Tamper-proof operation: Lock profiles, registration, date, and time on test sets
    • Consistent test environment: Assures all test sets are running approved software versions
    • Org Charts: Distribute and manage assets by regions, districts or groups, with multiple levels of visibility
  • Theft-deterrent function can activate “time bomb” to disable misplaced assets (test sets)
  • Features a dynamic dashboard that allows users to easily see the results of thousands of tests in graphical format
  • Easily change and move widgets on the dashboard to see important information at a glance
    • See PASS/FAIL rates and test set usage at a glance
  • Monitor and manage all your VeEX test set fleet from a central location.
  • Create profiles and organizations from a central location and spread them to technicians in the field
  • Seamless integration with job ticketing and work order management systems

  • Cloud-based – one system platform
  • Dynamic dashboard that can be configured to display specific widgets and filtered by organization
  • Server management: manage test sets, send alert emails, compile reports and billing, and set geolocation data
  • Profile management: create, delete, assign profiles and locators to specific organizations or all test sets
  • Test set management: approve, revoke, and mark test sets in inventory or maintenance (RMA) as stolen
  • Organization management: create regions, districts, and systems to neatly organize test sets/results/profiles
  • Dedicated training material: upload documents and videos to assist technicians with testing needs and common questions
  • Results section features easy to use filters to find any combination of results
  • ReVeal™, search, performance, V-TEST, and FCC Pop software wizards make finding results and compiling reports a breeze
  • Workforce Wiz allows managers to upload and assign jobs, as well as automatically close jobs once testing results are uploaded

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