CommScope’s NG4access ODF Platform is the newest innovation in High Density Fiber Connectivity. The NG4access delivers state of the art fiber management and connector accessibility in the industry's best ODF platform. Connector front and rear access, 1.2 mm diameter cables, full function series of plug and play modular VAM's with multifiber connector technology are just a few of the advancements included in our latest ODF. Fully loaded with customer traffic is when the NG4access shows its true strength with organized fiber routing, ease of access to specific fiber connections without fear of disruptions and it deploys 1-2 miles less cable by volume than our nearest competitor.

CommScope has not only developed the industry’s best ODF design but, simply put, it also works better than anything the industry offers today. NG4access offers service providers with the perfect balance of accessibility and density that minimizes installation time and risk to reduce cost. This system replicates the exact time-tested benefits CommScope developed for the front of the ODF chassis and brings them to the back of the chassis – along with some new innovations. With more fiber required in data centers and COs than ever before, achieving higher density is a huge challenge. But the bigger challenge is to provide those high densities in a fiber frame that provides the easiest possible access, error-free port identification and fiber management that incorporates modularity, flexibility and upgradeability to an ever-changing network.

  • Up to 3,456 Fibers per Frame
  • Footprint: 30" W x 24" D
  • On Frame Jumper Slack Storage
  • GR-449-CORE Issue 3 Compliant
  • 1.2mm Diameter Patchcords
  • Cabled Modules
  • MPO Modules
  • On board Splicing
  • Front and Rear Access

  • HD Fiber Optic Interconnections Environments

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